The Number of Files in a Computer


Murat Yildirimoglu, 10/16/2007


I find the number of the files on a typical computer very annoying. There are more than a hundred thousand files on a typical computer. This excessive number of files causes many problems: To move or copy or scan these files takes too much time.


What will be a solution?


I think we are already familiar with a solution. You remember the Xbase languages and their files I think: There were .dbf files, .dbt files, ndx files, prg files, etc… After that, there came Microsoft Access. In Acces we have a single file, an .mdb file. All the tables, indexes, forms, programs reside in that single file.


Likewise all the files of a program may reside in a single “hyperfile”, I think. This hyperfile may contain executables, dlls, pictures, audio and video information, etc.. By doing so, we will have managable, high performance system.